Our Inspiration

Lauren Nadine Lynch arrived here on earth at 4:34 PM on April 10, 1995. Best known as “Peanut” by those who loved her; her nickname was a definition of her life; small, resilient and packed with energy. She was a beautiful, thoughtful, loving and vivacious woman who had big dreams and an even bigger heart.  

Lauren’s motto in life was “I will not let epilepsy define me,” and as many can attest- she never did. She was an accomplished cheerleader with 67 national titles to her name and a Junior Olympic gold medal along with countless other accolades in softball, drama and FFA, despite having a life-long battle with Epilepsy. Her story was so remarkable, Miracles Magazine did a cover of her and a full story detailing her courageous battle and her “get it done” attitude that helped her inspire other people with disabilities to realize their dreams and conquer their fears.

Lauren was not afraid of death; she had come to terms with the reality she would lead a short and impactful life. She wrote in her journal often about death and finding peace. She found that peace at 1:21 AM on January 29, 2018. She was only 22 years old.  

Her vision was to help others. To honor her and her memory, the Leos family decided to create a Poker Pursuit. They hope this event brings awareness to epilepsy and provides fun and fellowship for all who may come.